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Product description:

It uses evaporation technology, through a special filter, to turn the cold water into cool and clean air every day, so that you can relax and keep cool in the hot night.

Cooling and humidifying for better air and allowing you to create your own personal climate

Each filling can run for 8 hours, and warm air can be extracted from the room through the evaporation water filter to make any space full of cool, clean and comfortable air.

Just add water and plug it into any standard wall outlet or USB port!

Light weight, easy to carry.

[name]: Vehicle household refrigerator

[Level]: 3 levels cooling

[material]: ABC+LED

[size]: 17 * 16* 15cm

[weight]:  739g

[power]:  70W

[voltage]  5V  

[refrigeration temperature]: about 15-25 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature


Product features:

-Create personal cooling zone

-Reduce personal space temperature by 6-8 degrees

-Strong wind moves quietly

-Select and adjust airflow from 3 speeds

-Humidification time up to 6-8 hours

- low energy consumption

-Just add water, plug in the power, and turn it on.

-Automatic closing of water outlet

-Not to cool the whole room

-Three in one function: cooling, humidifying and cleaning dust particles in the air, making breathing healthier



-Power: 7-10W

-Water tank capacity: 750ml

-Wind speed: 3 modes (high / medium / low)

-Noise: less than 28dB (a)

-Product size: 15* 16* 17CM

-Spray time: 6-8 hours.

-Area in front of cooling equipment (45 SF)


Be careful:

1. Keep the temperature of personal small cooling fan and do not tilt it when working.

2. Add pure water or domestic tap water to avoid affecting the cooling function.

3. It's better to add 3 / 4 of water to the water tank instead of filling it up.

4. Please use up the water every time to prevent the water tank from leaving scale.

5. Clean the water tank with a cup brush or toothbrush once a week to keep it clean and healthy.


The package includes:

1 personal air cooler

1 USB adapter

1 English user manual

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